Platele Rich Plasma Injection for Rejuvenation

Platele Rich Plasma Injection for Rejuvenation

Application Features

♦What is PRP

Platelet-rich plasma (abbreviated as PRP) refers to extracting blood from one’s own body and using a high-speed centrifuge to separate the different components and cells in the blood. Then, a high concentration of platelet plasma is extracted and is purified into high-concentration platelet plasma that displays rigorous bioactivity. Then, through subcutaneous injection or by applying it on the skin site requiring improvement, the skin surface wound restoration, epidermal tissue growth, dermal tissue formation, scar repair, etc. can be achieved with remarkable results. PRP had been used over the past primarily to stop bleeding during surgery.


PRP can be carried out with aids such as laser, microneedle, Fraxel, and other instruments to speed up the capacity and extent of repair. It can also be applied in autologous fat transfer to increase survival. Injections may be administered every month to facilitate skin collagen proliferation, making the skin radiant and healthy and maintaining its ideal state for an extended period of time.



Modern medicine papers have confirmed the use of PRP in obtaining high-concentration and bioactive platelet plasma from the layered serum after the customer’s autologous blood centrifuge and purification. The platelet concentration of this plasma is 2~6 times that of autologous blood.

Since platelets are rich in a number of growth factors, including PDGF (platelet-derived growth factor), FGF (fibroblast growth factor), EGF (epidermal growth factor), FEGF (vascular endothelial growth factor), and TGF-Alpha Beta (deformed growth factor), they can help repair aging tissues, promote metabolism and skin regeneration, stimulate cell proliferation and angiogenesis, and facilitate wound repair.


♦Functions of PRP:

1. It ensures quick and efficient cell regeneration, achieving rejuvenation results.

2. It uses high-concentration plasma gel to fill wrinkles and depressions, thus achieving sculpting result.

3. PRP is easy and convenient to acquire. If combined with autologous fat transplantation, the cell survival rate can be increased.

4. With the conjunctive use of laser or minimally invasive wounds, PRP action and reaction can be initiated, thereby achieving the highest effectiveness of platelets and blood stem cell activation.

 5. PRP can also be used as dermal filling. Its effect is equivalent to hyaluronic acid or collagen.

 6. With the combined use of hyaluronic acid injections, wrinkles and facial depressions can be filled, which can enhance skin autologous cell regeneration and achieve full-volume smooth skin.       

7.The combined use of hyaluronic acid injections is applicable for whole-face lift and rejuvenation, with immediate results.


♦Advantages of PRP:

1.It is safe, non-allergenic, and free of infection concerns.

2. There is a significant effect on acne, pores, scars, and depressions.

3. It is not prone to bruising, speeds up wound repair, and is not likely to lead to keloid swelling.

Treatment Process

1. Consult a surgeon regarding the site to be improved and undergo blood collection.

2. Prepare supplies and a disposable set of special PRP instrument for personal use.

3.Pump blood into a PRP special test tube and carry out centrifuge to purify PRP.

4.Administer compound low-pain anesthesia on the treated site.

   (Apply surface anesthesia ointment for 15~30 minutes +local anesthesia injection)

5.Retrieve purified PRP in a sterile manner, which is administered by the surgeon in professional treatment.


1.Do not overdose aspirin or vitamin E to prevent bruising.
2.Some people may experience temporary swelling after injection. This is a normal phenomenon, and the swelling will disappear after a few days.
3.You can resume normal daily work routine after surgery, but pay attention to moisturizing and sunscreen after surgery.
4.Supplement moisturizing on the day to enhance skin repair and reduce skin sensitivity.
5.Pay a revisit (i.e. a subsequent therapy session) after one month to maintain skin rejuvenation and anti-aging results.


Q:How long does the PRP effectiveness last?

A:Under normal circumstances, you can see the results in 2-3 days, and the results can last up to1~3 months. With long-term and continuous treatment, the results can be doubled.

Q:Is PRP autologous cell rejuvenation safe?

A:PRP autologous cell rejuvenation involves extracting one’s own blood. After separation, high-concentration platelet plasma is extracted and injected into the skin. It is very safe, without causing rejection or allergies.

Q:What need to be noted after undergoing PRP autologous cell rejuvenation therapy?

A:1、Some people may experience temporary swelling after injection. This is a normal phenomenon, and the swelling will disappear after a few days.
2、 Do not overdose aspirin or vitamin E to prevent bruising.
3、Do not drink, smoke, go swimming, take a bath, or take a sauna within one week after treatment.