Asian women attach great importance to whitening. Concealers, BB cream, etc. are “must-have items” for almost every woman whose only wish is to have fairer complexion. The rise of cosmetic medicine has led to the so-called Intravenous Drip for Whitening craze, even for celebrities. It emphasizes skin whitening and translucency within a short period of time, as well as blood circulation, anti-oxidation, and delayed aging results.


♦What is Intravenous Drip for Whitening?

Intravenous Drip for Whitening rapidly and evenly supplements essential ingredients to the whole body through IV drip, thereby protecting the body against free radicals, providing oxygen needed to promote blood circulation, and resolving skin pigmentation and dullness. Many people regard IV drip as a way of regular skincare. Many people in the pursuit of whitening results also receive Intravenous Drip for Whitening while undergoing laser treatment to speed up the metabolism of melanin crushed by laser, thereby doubling the effectiveness of the laser treatment.


♦Efficacy of Intravenous Drip for Whitening

1. It fights free radicals, fights oxidation and aging, and inhibits melanin formation.

2. It promotes metabolism and collagen synthesis, reduces skin wrinkling, and enhances the skin elasticity.

3. It activates liver function and strengthens metabolism, restoring the brightness and radiance of the skin.


♦Who Need

1. Those who stay up late, have numerous socializing engagements, and have days and nights reversed.

2. It prevents skin darkening after laser and improves dark spots and liver spots.

2. It accelerates the elimination of acne and pock reddening.

3. It improves the skin texture and skin dullness.

4. Those who are on an imbalanced diet, smoke and drink frequently, and have more toxins in the body.

5. Those with a decline in physiological function and are prone to colds and sickness.


♦Composition of lntravenous Drip for Whitening


Product Name



It provides calories needed by the body, enhances detoxification function, and supplies electrolytes, vitamins, and proteins.


It inhibits tyrosinase activity, inhibits melanin formation, achieves white and tender skin, and promotes skin collagen formation, making the skin firm, elastic, and radiant. It also neutralizes free radicals and effectively repairs damaged and aging skin.


It prevents fatigue due to liver insufficiency, dizziness, and loss of appetite; it maintains normal liver function. Zinc sulphate can greatly enhance the action of vitamin C and vitamin E.


It inhibits tyrosinase activity, inhibits melanin formation, and accelerate melanin metabolism.


It prevents the formation and metastasis of melanin, promotes intracellular and extracellular anti-oxidation and detoxification actions, enhances the immune system for a stronger body, protects the gastrointestinal surface, and fights damage acids cause on the stomach, and benefits cancer treatment.


It promotes peripheral blood circulation, enhances metabolism, and promotes anti-aging actions.


It fights anemia and maintains the normal function and action of the nervous system, muscles, and liver.