Aging facial symptoms


♦What is Endoscopic Surgery

Endoscopic Surgery widely used in modern medicine, reason is the wound smaller, faster recovery, less its inconvenience and complications. Has been widely used in Laparoscopic, Thoracoscopy, and Hysterectomy, and Cholecystectomy, and Orthopedic Arthroscopic etc. Cosmetic and plastic surgery,At present in terms of plastic surgery, including Endoscopic Lift, Endoscopic Breast Augmentation, and Endoscopic abdominal mini lift, and Endoscopic removal of body odor etc. Endoscopic Surgery in medical equipment and technology of the century plays a very important role.


Wu Endoscopic Surgical Dissection Instrument  German Novel Endoscopic


This Dr. Wu rapid manner is to use Dr. Wu developed unique Endoscopic Surgical Dissection Instrument, with the physician To Endoscopic Surgical proficiency, coupled with long endoscopic camera, into about 1 cm incision in the external lens end of again, connected to the image on the screen, zoom in within the organization structure, you can see facial tissue and bone gap, avoiding blood vessels and nerves; Then, the “Endotine Forehead Device” is fixated in the depths of the soft tissue. The whole slice of tissue (fascia, muscle, and skin tissue) undergoes 3D.



Dr.Wu physicians under endoscopic conveyed on the big screen through small surgery, avoiding nerves and blood vessels to sagging tissue fixed in multiple-point large prong hook, sagging tissue can be firmly fixed in the most ideal position. Because the wound is smaller, less damages tissue, swelling is shorter. Its biggest advantage of small scars, less blood loss, shorter time.