♦Prefect Golden Ratio


Measure four parallel widths from the left to the right side of the face. These widths determine an individual’s face. From left to right there are:

1. Between both temples.

2. Between two zygomatic arches- Cheekbones are removed to determine the width of the face.

3. Between two jaw bone angles-Low-face bone is removed (i.e. jaw bone removal).

4. Chin width-This can be changed and adjusted through chin padding surgery.


♦Who are Suitable Targets

1. Those whose facial line are not soft enough.

2. Those whose face is overly large.

3. Those whose cheekbone is too high or too wide.

4. Those who intend to change the shape of their face.

5. Those with an excessively short or long chin.


♦ Location of Wound


Bone Cutting-

An incision measuring about 1.5-2.0cm is made on both sides of the oral cavity. A bone cuter is inserted into the front and rear ends of the zygomatic arch. After cutting off the front and rear ends in a special angle, the zygomatic arch is pushed outwards to the ideal location. For those needing a larger extent of zygomatic arch inward push, fixation using a titanium plate fixation may be adopted where appropriate. However, an incision has to be made on the front ear in order to do this.



The wound is hidden in the mouth mucosa of the mouth. Thus, no wound is visible form the outside.


Autologous Fat Injection-

When filling the face, selected and purified fat is injected into the site to be filled to achieve the filling effect.