♦Golden Ratio

What eyes are considered beautiful? The bteuauifl window to the soul is defined by professionals as:

1.From the end of the eye to the ear, the width between the two eyes, and the width of the eye itself are equally divided into five parts.

2.An eyeliner length greater than 32mm is preferred. However, the eyeliner length of an average Asian is only about 22-26mm.

3.The eye exposure rate (black eye) is about 95%, but since most people fall under the 60-70% range, their eyes generally lack “verve”.

4.Since the epicanthus is present in Asians and that the distance between the two corners of the eyes is too wide with a thick layer of fat and bloated muscle, their eyes appear dull unlike the three-dimensional eyes of Westerners. By exposing the tear pot, Asians will be able to have beautiful three-dimensional eyes like those of Westerners.


♦Formation of Double Eyelids

The formation of double eyelids is a piece of the “levator muscle” end extended to the eyelid. When eyes open, the levator muscles contract and the eyelids form a crease, forming double eyelids. Single eyelids lack the structure extending the levator muscle to the eyelid.

The purpose of double eyelid surgery is to manufacture artificial attachment between the levator muscle and the eyelid.


♦The emphasis of double eyelid lies in the distance between the upper edge of the eyelid and the eyebrow.

If the distance between the two is short, double eyelids must not be made too wide or thick, or others will be under the impression that the person with such eyes is aggressive.

If the distance between the two eyes is too long and the double eyelids are made too narrow and slender, the eyes will appear elongated, lacking vitality and charm.


♦The shape of the eye is also an important referential indicator for double eyelids. 

1. If you have round eyes but you have wide and short double eyelids, your eyes will appear too bright, lacking the soft and warm touch.

2.If you have almond eyes and slender double eyelids, your eyes will appear elongated like “puppy eyes”.


♦Unsuitable Targets for Surgery

1.Those with weak and sagging eyelids may consider undergoing levator lift surgery.

2.Those whose eye and eyebrow are too close may first undergo endoscopic eyebrow lift surgery.

3.Those with loose forehead muscles and multiple double eyelid surgeries but the double eyelids disappear in no time may first undergo endoscopic eyebrow lift surgery. Preoperative assessment and consultation as well as the surgeon’s aesthetic skill are essential for creating a pair of beautiful and ideal double eyelids. Apply cold press, hot press and massage as instructed by the surgeon after surgery to obtain best results.


♦Formation of Blepharoplasty



 1.It is usually hereditary. If parents have had Blepharoplasty, chances are their children will have one too.

 2.People with allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, habitual basal congestion, and runny nose: The blood circulation in the eyes is likely affected if there is a problem with the nose.

 3.Eye bag formation is possibly the result of psychological stress, long-term depression, fatigue, and staying up late , as they will lead to deteriorated splenic and renal function and obstructed drainage.

 4.Due to lower eyelid skin or orbicularis muscle aging and sagging.

 5.Orbital septum loosening will cause the eye bag fat to bulge.

 6.Excessive fat proliferation in the eye bags.


♦About Blepharoplasty

Blepharoplasty has become a trend in recent years. Cosmetic surgeons around the world prefer extracting a small amount of fat, not remove fat at all, or recycle fat to obtain better surgical results and prevent sunken eyes at old age due to excessive fat extraction from previous blepharoplasty.


♦Classification of Eye Bags

From the viewpoint of tissue organization, eye bags can be categorized into:

1.Juvenile Blepharoplasty

It is generally hereditary. The formation has no specific cause.


2.Senile Blepharoplasty

It is gradually formed as one ages. As one gets older, the skin around the eyes start to sag, and the underlying muscular layer becomes loose. The connective tissue that supports fat will also sag, thus forming eye bags.


♦About Youthlites Creation Surgery

Youthlites Creation Surgery highlights charming and exquisite facial features

Youthlites Creation Surgery is intended to exude charming eyes, but youthlites gradually become eye bags (requiring Blepharoplasty) with age.

Blepharoplasty involves the removal of bulging fat masses. Other than removing sagging skin and pulling the skin tight for suture, a complex surgical procedure is required to fill the depressed tear trough (nasojugal groove) with redundant or excess fat.