Classic Case

21 MAR 2015

Youthful Endoscopic Facelift for Beauty Beyond Beautiful

As a beauty-conscious person, I was saddened inside looking at my loose double eyelids and drooping medial cheeks through the mirror reflection.

I remembered the medial cheeks that made people envy when I was young (Sob).

During the Lunar Chinese New Year holidays, I decided to visit the “International Society of Aesthetic Surgery” for the superintendent to do something about my medial cheeks and double eyelids.

After communicating with the doctor, I decided to undergo upper face + mid-face lift surgery.

It was the first and second day after the surgery. The swelling was not as bad as I thought it would be.

The surgery turned out well. After the surgery, the clinic considerately offered me postoperative care.

The function of the “four-color photodynamic therapy” was to promote lymphatic metabolism, accelerate wound healing, and reduce swelling.

The clinic has a special shampoo massage chair. Before stich removal, they washed my hair and cleaned my wound every other day.

The service is really thoughtful. A professional nurse is there to wash your hair and change the dressing, so customers need not worry about possible infections.

I sustained speedy recovery, possibly because I applied cold and hot press daily.

I continued the ice press for three days after the surgery, for about 15-20 minutes each time. Unless I was asleep, I applied ice press every hour!

After three days of ice press, I began warm/hot press on the fourth day and did it properly every day.

The hard work definitely paid off. After the Lunar New Year’s holidays, no one at work was able to tell I had undergone surgery.

My colleagues only wondered why I suddenly looked younger (Chuckle).

The surgery is surely worth it. With just a small wound, my loose and sagging tissues were reshaped and restored with a three-dimensional look. I got my elastic medial cheeks back!



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