Classic Case

22 AUG 2015

Be a Hottie with Medial Cheeks, Bringing Back the Childlike Face

The dreadful gravity makes my medial cheeks drop like an overripe apple (sob) and deepens the nasolabial folds…><
I suppose they are the signs of “early gaining”. Everyone ages with time. I need to do something quickly to fight aging to look 18 again, with plump medial cheeks!

Through a friend who underwent cheek lift surgery, I set off from Taichung to visit the International Society of Aesthetic Surgery (ISAS) in Taipei./span>

Superintendent Wu Rong suggested endoscopic upper-face and mid-face endotine facelift surgery, since the tails of my eyes were drooping, my cheeks were sagging and inelastic, and my nasolabial folds were deep.

I immediately decided to undergo surgery and make a surgery appointment. The clinic considerately gave me a check up (blood sample taking, ECG, X-ray).


On entering the clinic on the day, a pre-operation photo was taken. Then, I removed my clothes and put on a surgical gown. It is advisable that hotties about to undergo surgery wear loose clothing and flat shoes.

Before surgery, the superintendent gave me clinical advice once again.

A nurse then imparted postoperative health education and guided me through preoperative form fill-outs. She also prepared an ice pack, mouthwash, oral medication, and ointment I would need after surgery (The complete list put my mind at ease, with nothing to worry about after surgery).^^

After the surgery, I rested in the clinic recovery room. The nurse helped me apply the ice pack and administered an IV drip. I quickly regained strength, able to get out of bed to walk and go to the toilet. Soon enough, I was on the High Speed Rail heading home. The surgery turned out really successful!

It was the 10th day after the surgery. Since I resided in Taichung, I was not able to return to the clinic as frequent as I would otherwise have. The clinic helps its customers remove the stitches, hair washing, postoperative care, and circulation injections.

Due to the long distance, I was on my own! I applied hot and cold press as frequently as I could and walked frequently to stimulate blood circulation and reduce the swelling.

For the hair wash part, I used RO filter water to shampoo my hair (Those without filtered water at home may have to use boiled water instead). I immediately blow-dried my hair afterwards to keep the wound as dry as possible.

14 days after surgery, I returned to the clinic to have the stitches removed. The doctor said I recovered well, and I was very pleased with the results.

My friends say that I have become a hottie with the face of a baby. My medial cheeks look supple, and there is “volume” to my forehead. I love the way I look now~



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